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What is the use of a website if no one can see it? It is obviously a complete loss of time, effort and money. Hence, right from the beginning of the website building you should focus on how to ensure full visibility of your site. There are many ways to ensure that your website stays on the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages). Here are some cute tips that you could use at the time of website building and afterward:

1. Freebies – Have a designated corner kodulehe valmistamine  on your website that announces something of value free every week/month. This freebie has to be of value to the reader or it will not work. It is not difficult to get high value freebies if you are willing to put in a little effort. Some examples would be:

Promote your website through a referral system wherein you offer commission/discounts/certain products or services to those who bring clients to you. The referral system should be clearly visible on the site. You can introduce this aspect at any time during or after the website building process.

– There are plenty of quality free directories that would list your business for free. Research very carefully and add your name to at least 1 to 2 paid listing directories as well.

4 – Part of website building and promotion is finding out ways to actively network through various platforms that will bring you viral marketing. Get small ads on Facebook, Twitter, etc. The more you network here, the more opportunity you will have to grow.

– A key element of website building is adding the right images/graphics to your website. If you are selling a product, ensure you post the highest quality of photos so they will know what they need to choose. Use alt tags in the description of the images so the search engines will pick it up easily.

– Stay in the news. Keep issuing press releases that announce unique features about your business. Though this is not part of website building, it is a key promotion that needs to be nurtured carefully.

One of the main reasons you are looking at website building is to grow your business. The Internet has the potential of bringing the whole world to your shop’s doorstep. To ensure you profit the maximum from this opportunity you need to draw in traffic.

There are two major types of traffic, indiscriminate traffic and targeted traffic. It is important that you know about this difference before you begin website building.

– This is what you get when your website is visible to all. Let us say you specialize in silver jewelry. However, at the time of website building, you optimized your website for the keyword jewelry. Hence, you will get a huge amount of traffic from visitors who are looking for jewelry. However, not all who visit your website will buy from you. Only those who love silver jewelry would be interested in what you are selling. In this case, you will attract a great deal of traffic, but only a small portion of that traffic would be converted into real sales.

– In this case, you will focus right from the first step of website building on your specific niche, silver jewelry. Maybe you could still narrow it further to ‘silver jewelry under $10.’ When you SEO (search engine optimize) your website for a niche keyword, you will attract people who are interested in that specific product. In other words, your visitors would be those who would be most inclined to make a purchase. In this way, your traffic would be most profitable for you. 

Your opt-in list is one of the easiest and most important ways to bring in targeted traffic to your website. This is a feature that should be woven into your site right at the beginning of the website building process. Here is how you get visitors to sign up with you:

1. Offer free consultancy

2. Offer sample of product

3. Announce a competition that offers a very attractive prize in your range of products and advertise it heavily on social networking media

4. Offer discounts to old clients who refer their friends to you

5. Offer a highly informative newsletter

6. Offer discounts on complementary services and products

7. Enter into partnerships with complementary business and mutually promote one another

8. Have a ‘loyal client’ reward system offering great benefits for repeat clients

9. Offer an affiliate commission

10. Offer periodic sales where you offer your service/ products at reduced rates

Weave your plan to build your opt-in list right at the beginning of the website building so you will be sure to obtain a continuous flow of targeted traffic.

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