The Human Side of Data Loss!

Data loss is a bitter reality. Individuals and almost all types of businesses are confronting with it. You never know when it’s your turn of being a witness of a severe data loss. It is observed that there are a number of causes of losing your important data. Some of these causes are irresistible like floods, earth quakes etc but others can be avoided by implementing appropriate measures of how to prevent data loss.

The human side of data loss is very critical and needs to be addressed adequately. A research in 2000 revealed that 15% of all major data loss incidents took place due to human errors only and they were either caused by not implementing the right backup procedures or having no backup at all.

In many cases the problem starts when the users start out-of-box solutions that may not fit their organization’s requirements. Even at large corporations, senior IT persons don’t really assess their business or technology needs and this is one of the reasons of their downfall in case of data loss because when they don’t know the actual needs, they are unaware of taking proper remedies for their problem.

Human intervention in early stages of data loss can make data recovery process more complicated rather just impossible in some cases. Sometimes, the unknown experimentation of humans to recovery data by re-booting the system again and again and even worst of this happens when they try different recovery utilities to retrieve their data.

Taking regular backup of your data is the common practice to recover data in case of disaster but the sluggish behavior on manager’s part some times lead to catastrophic circumstances. There is a chance that some are unaware of the proper data backup techniques even the type of media that they use to write their important data files on.

When disaster strikes any business or individual, the normal human reaction is panic. Because the loss of data signifies serious penalty, even the top management start taking inappropriate actions. Wrong buttons get pushed and the situation gets even worst. Sometimes the urge to correct the system in no time can cause serious and irrecoverable situation. IT specialists often are not equipped to deal with crisis or data recovery techniques.

A business’ success or its failure is highly dependent on the excellence of a professional data recovery company. Users should only take those measures which ensure that the probability of a data loss is minimized not increased.

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